2009-08-11 12:09:46 by Jester667

I...don't like remixing anymore. I'd rather just go ahead and compose original tracks one cares about them.

Who knows, maybe if I'm really bored I'll remix something else. But don't hold your breath, kids.


2008-10-20 14:17:21 by Jester667

Looks like I'm going to Ohayocon. I'm evidently going as the Shinigami Ryuk from Death Note. Anyone else going to Ohayocon? Anyone? Hmm?


2008-08-05 16:09:00 by Jester667

So, I got a deviantart account. Nothing is on it right now, and I'm not sure many of you will exactly care at all, but that stupid face saying "why haven't you made a news post you lazy hooker meaty bastard?!" was annoying me too much. So, if you care or not, go to this nifty hover link to go there.